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Phil Littman, LCSW
  License No. LF10466
   716 Alhambra Blvd
  Sacramento, Ca. 95816

  (916) 451-1900


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Sacramento Therapy


Phil has been practicing as a psychotherapist since 1983 and began his private practice in 1987. His training and experience have emphasized working with adults in individual, couple, and group modalities. He focuses on creating a collaborative environment to help the client feel empowered and inspired to experience the changes they wish for their lives. Clients often express feeling very comfortable with his genuiness, empathy, and unconditionalness.  Phil has assisted many clients in moving through and overcoming issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, life transitions, anger difficulties, post-traumatic stress,  addictions and compulsions. 

EMDR Practioner

Phil is an experienced EMDR practictioner. EMDR accelerates healing and recovery from PTSD, anxiety disorders, and a variety of issues.  EMDR can be integrated into on-going psychotherapy or as the sole focus of a client’s therapy.

Couples and Relationships

Phil enjoys working with couples to help them find ways to move from conflict to intimacy and experience supporting each other for developing the relationship that is satisfying and meaningful for each partner.

Addiction and Recovery

A portion of his practice is also devoted to psychotherapy with clients in recovery for substance abuse and sexual addiction. From his eight years working in an outpatient alcoholism and chemical dependency center, Phil works adeptly at providing psychotherapy to complement recovery and 12-step involvement of his clients.

Men's Issues

Another focus of Phil’s practice is men’s issues.   The challenges of being a man, son, father, husband, partner present wonderful opportunities for growth which can be enriched for men working with Phil in his therapy practice.   Phil runs two on-going weekly men’s groups which offer men a chance have the deep satisfaction of knowing themselves as a man among other men.


Phil's use of the Enneagram can identify personality strengths to create a map for a long-term growth. The Enneagram also helps couples understand their partners' personality type to form a stronger partnership.