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Master’s Degree, Social Work.
California State University, Sacramento, 1979

          Bachelor’s of Arts Degree, Psychology and Rhetoric
          University of California, Davis, 1973

          Licensed Clinical Social Worker, #LF10466
          BBSE, State of California, 1985-present

          EMDR International Association, 2000
          Society for Clinical Social Workers, 1983
          National Association of Social Workers, 1979

                                                POSITIONS HELD:

1991-present                   Psychotherapist, private practice
1998-2002                      Owner and designer Internet psychotherapy
                                         marketing site, PSYCHFINDER.COM
1995-2005                      Board Member, President (2001-03)
                                         Jewish Family Service of Sacramento
1991-present                   Organizer/presenter, Everyman
                                         annual conference of men’s healing and mental health
1993-92                           Secretary, Planning Committee,
                                         Society for Clinical Social Workers

                         Steering Committee Member,
                          Sacramento Men’s Council
                         Clinical Supervisor,
                          Sierra Family Services   

Roseville, CA
1983-91                          Senior Mental Health Counselor, Sacramento         
                                         County Alcoholism Center

    1. Psychiatric Social Worker, Case Management

Services, Sacramento County Mental
Health Department

1993-Present                  Gestalt Therapy Consultation, Jim Doak LCSS
2006                               EMDR  Clinical Case Supervisor, Dean Dickerson
2006                               EMDR & Aging, Ann Pagliaro, LCSW
2005                               Group Therapy, Jim Fishman LCSW
2005                               Focusing Therapy, Anne W. Cornell, Ph.D.
2004                               Couples Therapy, William Dougherty, Ph.D.
2003                               Research Based Marital Therapy; John Gottman
2002                               EMDR  Consultation Group; Sandra Paulsen
                                           Inobe, Ph.D.
2001                               Thought Field Therapy; Suzanne Connally, MFT
2000                               Neurobiology, Brain Development and Object
                                                Relations, Alan Schore, Ph.D.
1999                               EMDR Level 1 and II, Professional School
                                                of Psychology

    1.                    Sacramento Gestalt Training Group
    2.                    Mental Health & Addiction, S. Alex Stalcup, M.D.

1996                               Gestalt Therapy, Joseph Zinker, Ph.D.

    1.                   Consultation Group, John Preston, Ph.D.

1995                              New Directions in Male Psychology, Robert   
                                                Johnson, Ph.D.
1994                              Panic Disorder and Addiction, James Kennedy,
1994                              New Directions in Male Psychology,
                                                Robert Johnson, Ph.D.; John Lee, M.A.
1994                              Neurobiology and Borderline Personality, John
Preston, Ph.D.

  1.                              Psychotherapy & Spirituality, Ron Mann,

1992-Present                  Consultation Group, Jim Doak LCSW
1992-93                         Consultation Group, Betty Russell, LCSW